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This is the story of mohit agrawal who is the owner of agrawal Brothers frankie.

Agrawal brothers frankie is famous for there mouthwatering crispy and crunchy frankies.

Mohit agrawal’s path starts out in failure and ends in success.  Mohit agrawal was born in madhya pradesh, where he came from a modest, devout family. However, in 2009, due to a significant business loss, their financial situation deteriorated to the point where he was unable to continue his education and they were forced to relocate.

In august 2010, a young man arrived in surat with only 1000 rupees, driven by a burning desire to create a business

For earing money agrawal started housekeeping in surat, worked in parking, and worked as a sales executive in ginny and jonny brand. In this phase he had to suffer through so many life obstacles no good food to eat and no good place to live. But that boy had a clear goal,despite facing so many difficulties, he remained determined to create his own business and decided not to give up on his goal. He believed in himself that one day he will write his own success story . After some times their condition become better .He developed a mission, vision, and values based on his experience.


start up

or achieving your big dream first you have to start taking small steps for that dream.He decided to start his own small food business. Starting a food business was extremely fun, challenging, and rewarding. In 2013, he started agrawal sandwich with his brother, which initially had limited customer numbers.For any business success customers desires are most important. However, he analyzed customer preferences and implemented his creativity to create unique flavors .He focused on what kind of taste people really crave .He learned from his customers desire and he implemented his creativity in his food to give the taste that people really desire. Including waffers for that yummy crunch and delicious sauces for crispness, his main agenda was to provide a unique taste to people, and people really liked that mixed flavor of cruchiness and crispness together and slowly slowly their customers increased.


Proven concept

Agrawal brothers frankie opened another branch in 2014 near bhagwan mahavir college, offering over 70 different types of frankies, including mayo, cocktail, phataka, paneer, and masala crispy. The business has gained popularity among students and customers also they have special offers like buy one get one free on tuesdays. As a return gift .People come from far places to eat agrawal brothers frankie . Agrawal brothers frankie gained so much of love from customers as they provide good quantity, exceptional taste and good service .Agrawal brothers frankie is also expanding its business by offering multi-grain healthy frankie options. , now their business is growing and growing and they are also learning and improving.

Mohit have 3 values for his business honesty , strength and hardwork ,be honest with your customers this is how you have gain trust of your customers. For mohit his customers are his first priority . Give them a good service, good quantity, good taste . Any person will only visit your food stall second time if the first time was memorable . So give them a reason to visit again by your good service and taste. Strength is also very important because business is all about risk taking and risk taking can actually opens up possibilities of new opportunities and growth . And hardware is also essential.

Soon they are opening there another cafe near bhagwan mahavir collage,

In short mohit journey is all about small stall with few customers to so many other branches , thousands of customers and lavish cafe.

I hope his journey also inspires you to start taking action for your dream ,because it always starts with small.